About Us

Celebration of the modern woman!

Monali G promises to bring you Style, Elegance that is Sophisticated yet Fun. We celebrate the rich traditions and craftsmanship of east combined with the western sensibility for the modern women. Monali G showcases exclusive collection of dresses, resort wear, handcrafted statement jewelry, silver jewelry with gemstones, scarves and accessories. The brand language is urban and exotic with an essence of East.


Founder and CEO

Monali Ghosh

After working over 18 years in the corporate world for the major Fortune 50 companies, she knew it was time for her to express herself and pursue her dreams.


She is very proud of her Indian heritage and knew that there was a way to create a beautiful blend of exotic, elegant and modern creations that would capture the spirit of today's woman, who is world traveler and craves for artistry of design and wants effortless elegance.


Strong passion for art and fashion led to creating this exclusive brand... "monali g”.